This is MuxNexus!

MuxNexus is a different sort of game space - it isn't a game of its own, but is the framework for other games. It shares the code with each game that is part of its space - the games use the StoryTeller rules from White Wolf, specifcially the Classic World of Darkness version. The current set of rules are that of Revised, but modifications are underway to allow for more variations.

There are several games currently active or in the process of building. The active links lead to that game's Wiki:

Game Description Status
Tempest The original game, and from which MuxNexus was born Overhauling
Northern Nights The admin of this game gave the idea for MuxNexus Building
Paradise This was our first additional game to go live Currently inactive
Prospect: From the Ashes A game that came to us when their plug was pulled Active
Dark Communion A Dark Ages game Active
Dysothtria An original world game Alpha run